Mississippi Power

Mississippi Power has a legacy of reliably delivering electricity to its customers in the 23 counties of Southeast Mississippi. The company is no stranger to dealing with severe weather, but it was impossible to predict the damage of Hurricane Katrina. It destroyed most of the company’s generating and transmission capability, as well as the lines that delivered the power to customers’ homes and businesses. All 195,000 Mississippi Power customers in the service area were without power on August 29, 2005.

The “Our Finest Hour” exhibit will tell the story of how 1,200 dedicated Mississippi Power employees increased their ranks to 12,000 utility workers and restored power to all who could receive it in 12 days. Visitors will learn about the company’s preparation leading up to the storm and the various logistics involved in bringing together the mass amount of employees needed to restore power. And most importantly, they will learn about the company’s rebuilding efforts and its role in the renewal of the Gulf Coast.